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Sawyer stands there, gun hanging down at his side, trying to collect himself.

Now he senses something — turns to see Kate watching him. SEES that she saw the whole thing — and in her face is an appreciation for what he just did. Except Sawyer DOESN’T WANT IT. He walks right back past her. Meets her eyes for only the briefest of moments to say —

SAWYER (shrugs) 
It’s just a boar.

This was the first episode I ever saw of LOST. It was so stupid to me, a whole episode about boar chasing, that I resolved to never watch it. Fast forward a two seasons and I had this “all you can rent” pass at hollywood video and I pretty much at that point had watched everything worth watching in the store. I decided “what the hell” and got LOST and watched it from the beginning. We watched a disc or two a day, and managed to catch up right as season 3 went on its infamous “break”. I never saw the first part of season 3 until I bought the DVD (it was the first dvd season I bought, actually), and then started watching it live. 

The beginning of my obsession with LOST was almost not to be due to boars. 

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