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vilistarock replied to your post: How come everyones “favorite” scenes they gif/cap just HAPPEN to always be the ones that everyone else likes?

I think that it’s gone because everyone is trying to be differend, and then they all pick the same stuff

LOL if they were trying they need to SERIOUSLY try harder. Like, bad. 

Yeah im over seeing the end of lost and charlie/claire PBJ scene and cage sex but omg like i get there is only 5 episodes of OUAT but holy HELL right now you look in the tag it is the SAME SCENE 75 times. like…there are FIVE HOURS to pick from why are you ALL on the SAME 3 minutes?! o_0 And not even that coz i watch that ive saw so many of the same scene of other shows ive never even watched once. i dont even know the name of it but the one where some kids got a buncha guns pointed at him and cops blow him away? yeah. 20 diff graphics of that at least. i dont even know what it IS!

idk im just annoyed and hungry and when im hungry im bitchy. -_- 

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  1. dragonlord-drakan said: get bitchy when i’m hungry to, so it’s okay;)
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