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David Shephard/Theories

After posting Juliet’s Pregnancy (which was validated by Elizabeth Mitchell herself.) I started to see some extremely…wrong…conspiracies as to why/how David even existed. The link I’ve provided is all the “conspiracy theories”, such as it was Jack and Kates son (wrong), Sawyer and Kates son (wrong), it was Aaron (wrong) and it was Jack himself. How people come up with some of these is beyond me. 

The Lostpedia of David Shephard is quite small:

In the LOST Encyclopedia, the only book where Cuse and Lindelof ever have a say, David’s page is also rather blank. “David was an accomplished pianist, something Jack gave up on to pursue medicine. Jack read “Alice Adventures in Wonderland” to David as a chlid, just as Christian did to Jack. Perhaps most important, Locke pointed out to Jack that David looked just like him. “Is that your son, he looks just like you.”

It can be argued that David looked like Kate as well. Nothing the directors did was ever random. Consider the fact we were waiting for the bombshell of who the mother really was until mid episode. We were to assume it was Kate’s, because they were together before they left for the island. Kate could have had a sustainable pregnancy, because as long as you were off the island in the first three months, or were pregnant before you got on it, you would have a live child. Kate did not need a child to finish her life (or death) experience. As stated through other books on the series, Aaron was a guiding source for her. (LOST Identity, LOST Humanities). 

When I made the comment about maybe it was Juliets unborn baby, at least it has more proof than these conspiracies. Juliet WAS pregnant just before the bomb, and did not get to see her child. Jack had to get over his “daddy issues”, whether it was raising a child, or (re)raising himself in the way he would have like to be raised (theory). The only parents for this phantom child would be Jack and Juliet. To date, no other proof has come to light to explain it any differently. Every theory is just that…a theory. 

BTW Evangeline Lilly stated via twitter she thought she would be pregnant with Jacks baby at the end, and wasnt. Need more proof?

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